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CarHistory - Application

The communication and the follow-up between a distributor of motor vehicles and its customers is multifaceted. But making this communication automatic, optimal and effective, for after-sales is not always easy.

CarHistory integrates seamlessly into the IT structure of a point-of- sale and uses the data from the Distributor / Seller Management Software without additional constraints. The data are processed every day and targeted customers receive an email and an SMS. The message informs them of the next scheduled maintenance or technical inspection for their vehicle.

Like other types of loyalty that start from a "sales declaration" date, CarHistory takes the departure date from the point of sale as its original data, already taking into account the first repair order.

CarHistory therefore works in real time to improve the filling rate of your workshop. CarHistory makes possible to keep a real link between the Seller and his client. The customer feels therefore valued.

Thus, the follow-up becomes effective, easy, and this without burdening the daily work of the collaborators. So, the monitoring becomes effective, remains easy and without burdening the daily work of the employees.

In case that the Client has not come, an easily usable questionnaire is published and allows, during a telephone conversation, to target the reason for its absence. Then, depending on the answers, the customer's data can be transmitted to the commercial or other department.

Because of the daily processing of information, Carhistory permits a permanent updating of the data. These data are checked and filtered. A report is published and the erroneous information can be updated by a collaborator or an outside company.

Finally, thanks to CarHistory, the seller will be able to benefit from a greater freedom to, for example, organize his own local actions (Anniversaries, Promotions, Open house day, ...). The client file (still called "customer portfolio") becomes again alive and still current.

They trust us : Groupe LVB (Kia, Ford, Suzuki), Garage du Château (Kia, Opel), 72 Auto Parc (Kia, Suzuki, Ssangyong, Subaru), Valence Automobiles (Kia), Bourny Automobiles (Kia, Mitsubishi, Ssangyong, Chevrolet), DAVI Auto (KIA, Volvo, Honda, Mazda), Garage Guersant (Kia, Opel, Mitsubishi), API Villejuif (Kia), Legrand Bretagne (Mazda, Suzuki), Europe Auto (Opel, Chevrolet), Legrand Auto 24 (Opel, Chevrolet), Auto 6440 (Kia, Mitsubishi, Nissan), Rey SAS Motors(Kia, Toyota).

MyPizzeria - Android app

Is a business application that enables the customers of a pizzeria, restaurant or fast food restaurant, across the application, to examine the choices of drinks and meals and order directly on the application.

The application is set for android devices..

We are now preparing the application for iPhone devices. The content and data on the application and is responsible is under the client responsibility, that is the pizzeria or restaurant for which application is made.

Content is added, edited and deleted via a special website.

The application will be soon on Google Store.

If you are interested for a demo version, please call us or send an email and we will send you a demo version..

KIA OUR - WEB shop

The current project is a web shop that sells new KIA vehicles and additional accessories. After detailed design work on the web shop, we engaged the developer's.

The project is done in ASP.NET technology, using the most advanced security systems.The most sophisticated payment systems will be implemented, such as credit-card payment and paypal.